IPhone X sweeps Samsung Galaxy S9 safely

Right now the feeling among consumers is the same as the moments before a Formula 1 race, tension, challenging looks and nerves, many nerves. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes out in less than 2 weeks for sale, and you can even book it in some online stores.

Comparisons with the standard bearer of Apple, the iPhone X are inevitable. In fact, there are already some tests that talk about the benefits of the South Korean terminal, especially of its splendid camera, capable of the best in the most complex circumstances of light.

However, it has been proven that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not as secure as the iPhone X, remember that the latter launched the Face ID as a method to unlock it or pay for purchases. This is possible because your TrueDepth system creates a three-dimensional map of 30,000 points on the user's face and only then can it be unlocked. In fact, it is not possible to access it with a photograph, which is a two-dimensional image.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the software in charge of making this possible, the Intelligent Scan does not look like something very accurate, basically because of the impossibility of generating a 3D image of the user's face. This is because he uses only one camera so that he can be tricked with a photograph.

It is true that the device can be unlocked with the iris scan, that it is shaping up as safe, but if it does not work use the face unlocking. And this recognition cannot be used for secure payments, so the device also includes the unlock by fingerprint.

And is that the iPhone X can use the Face ID to make transactions and is in clear advantage in security issues with respect to its rival. Therefore, Apple wants to continue implementing and improving the TrueDepth that makes it possible. In fact, it can be a reality in the next iPad Pro, which logically would have a notch to house it.

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